Hacksnation Is Stealing OneHack.Us Content - Free Download - Google Drive Links

Hello Onehacker’s

It’s time to unhide such things that are being done behind the scenes and no one shouts out for us, I noticed and many users reported to me about this mess, but I did not believe it until now, I just checked and signed up to see what’s being done there, and guess what? I was like WTF is this, A clone of OneHack? LOL :man_shrugging:

Well, It’s not about some posts, it’s all about whatever we are storing here, All our HARD WORK being leeched and being stolen by Hacksnation, I don’t give a damn what they copy, But at least give us proper credit won’t harm them, it will be useful in all directions, as far you know, not every post that we post here is our own, our users copy them from others and most of them gives credit to the source, and some of the unique posts that I create for you folks, my hard work, my team’s hard work, it’s being spoiled and being leeched at Hacksnation, not only them, many other platforms are copying out content without such manners. Overall, it’s not a crime if someone copies anything, it’s fair but unless you give proper or minimal credit to the source, I respect all platforms and their need to collect content, but as I said, there are such dos and don’ts to be followed, other than this, hands tied we cannot fight against any source to avoid this being done, so, if any of you who belongs to hacksnation, do respect us and our hard work, put proper credit, and you are good to go, our doors open.

I was seeing Hacksnation as popular but after seeing them doing all that crap, I believe we are higher on them Indeed, we are and we always will be because they are out of content and we are helping them to grow and in return, we are being lost, anyway, This post is made to make awareness, if any of you thinks there are other homes that better than us? this post and the proofs below can solve your answers, and from now on, whoever posts content with OneHack, this is my warning, DO GIVE PROPER CREDIT TO THE SOURCE, to whom they copied, and to whom you copied from!

See the Proof below:
Original: TunnelBear VPN | Get 10 GB Bandwidth For Free ⭐
Copied: https://hacksnation.com/d/23690-tunnelbear-vpn-get-10-gb-bandwidth-for-free

Original: How To Get Instant Unlimited VCC Nonstop
Copied: https://hacksnation.com/d/23814-how-to-get-instant-unlimited-vcc-nonstop-for-free

Original: How To Get Free Domain And Hosting
Copied: https://hacksnation.com/d/23811-how-to-get-free-domain-and-hosting

I can’t list them one by one, you can witness the content with your own eyes, and check whenever you want, I’m adding some screenshots, to show you such peace of work being done there.






Well, just copy the title from OneHack of topics, and search there, you will get the content just as it is without any credit or hard work they ever have done on writing content, ordering, or listing topics!


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Regards, SaM & OneHack Team