The Basic OPSEC Guide To Protect Your Privacy - Free Download - Google Drive Links

  1. Enable 2FA!!! this is the most no-brainer thing you can do, tell anyone you care about to enable their 2FA.

  2. Duct tape your Webcam, Unplug your webcam if you don’t need

  3. Remove simcard from your phone, or even bought new phone, never install a simcard

  4. Remove your internet history, files a data removal request to facebook, twitter, google, etc about your self.

  5. Use password manager, use different password for each services

  6. Use fake identity

  7. Use different fake identity for every service

  8. Use proxy address when receiving goods or packages

  9. Use virtual number, use burner number

  10. Instead of creating an account, you could buy an account from someone else (yeah, gmail account, telegram account, almost anything)

  11. Don’t touch US Product (gmail, microsoft, or anything from US)

  12. Harden your everything, idk, your chrome, your windows, your telegram, or anything.

  13. Encrypt your disk, even your root disk

  14. Use VPS/RDP For your dark net activity

  15. If you don’t want use VPS/RDP, you need to run other OS’s inside a VM (Using VirtualBox, Qemu, Hyper-V, or similar), some recommended OS: Qubes, Whonix

  16. Use VPN, afford Mullvad (they don’t need any of your personal data to signup)

  17. Use TOR, Learn to understand TOR.

  18. Activate your VPN Kill Switch

  19. Enable your phone Airplane mode

  20. If you need to buy a service, choose the one who only needs small amount of your data, even zero + if they support cryptocurrency payment

  21. Don’t overshare!

  22. Always check four your file meta data.

  23. Don’t open your card IRL

  24. Be Paranoid

  25. Use Monero, use cryptocurrency mixer

  26. Do research about mail provider, there is something like proton, tutanota, riseup, but idk who’s to trust, Do Your Own Research.

Happy learning!