The YouTube Code Cracked | Maxwell Maher - Free Download - Google Drive Links

Maxwell Maher – The YouTube Code Cracked

What You Get:

  • How to navigate the stress and awkwardness that is your first videos (I even show you some of my terrible first vids… it’s bad)
  • How to produce high quality content for all budgets (from under $100 to a full $10,000 studio and everything in-between)
  • How to set up lights so you don’t look like a gremlin on camera
  • How to build an audience that actually likes and wants to watch you on a daily basis
  • How to quickly edit videos and thumbnails like a freaking pro
  • How to navigate the many ways to monetize your channel (my favorite topic)
  • What the algorithm wants… Boy is she an elegant beast that algorithm
  • And much, much, more. Check out the full curriculum below if you’re still not convinced.

Happy learning!