Youtube Automation Guide Version 1 ✨ - Free Download - Google Drive Links


  1. Create a Logo, Channel Name, Channel Banner, Channel Description.

  2. Select a Niche. (finance is highest payout but hardest!)

  3. Adsense is needed! Age 18+ Only.

  4. go on udemy/Youtube grab some free Tutorials/courses for Photoshop editing and Video editing (I prefer DaVinci Resolve)

Useful Tools - Paid AI to create “Cash Cow*” Videos - ReWrite/Change text from Blogs to make them different and not look 1:1 copy pasted - AI Video Clips for Youtube Shorts - Voice AI / Text to Speech (!)

https://socialblade…oney-calculator - Adsense Calculator (approx.)

you also need Photoshop or any other editing software you are familiar with and a Video Editing Software.

*Cash Cow/Youtube Automation = Usually AI Generated / Outsourced content without any face/real identity.


How to Start through with Youtube Automation.

Build Yourself a Roadmap with what your aiming to achieve with your Youtube Channel.

Some Must-Have Roadmap achievements within your first 6 Months of creating the Channel:

  1. 1.000 Subscribers, 4.000 Minutes of Watch time. (for adsense)

  2. Adsense Activation

  3. Reputable Name in Your Niche. Unique Quality Content.

  4. HQ Channel Designs, unique appealing Thumbnails is a must.

  5. First $50/Month

How to achieve Greatness

Because such content is usually paid-only, I do not explain everything and make just a short tutorial.
(People pay 300€/weekly or more for mentorship for things like this. Im posting this for free…)

If you want to be great in Youtube Automation, learn to create High Quality interesting content.

take examples from other creaters who already reached their goals and earn passive income.

With all the AI i gave you above you will be able to make Mid-Tier Videos using AI Video Generation and AI Voice (be aware, AI Voice might get you canceled for adsense!)

Nothing much to say. Go on google, for example in the finance niche and search for a blog. take the text paraphrase it with the AI. Create a Video with the script and get an different AI Voice.

Boom your Video is done. now create a good appealing Thumbnail, Title and short description and upload it.

You can use SMM Panels/Botting services to get views, subs and watch time and it will most likely work to get yourself accepted to adsense but having a few (atleast 200-400 real subscribers out of 1.000) is also better for more money output.

What to expect (money)

With arround 1000-1500 Views a day you can get a solid passive income of ~$70-120!

its sounds so easy and reachable and yet is still far away !

But im sure you will be able to do this if you put enough energy and will into this.


Youtube Automation is not dead yet and can still be done.

Put enough energy into it and it might bring you a few extra bucks or makes you a living if done at higher niveau!

don’t forget there are people who earn atleast $15.000 with this without even making content or putting anytime of theirs into this.

All of their channels are run by outsourced people (usually some indians, arabs from fiverr)

Source: Nulled - Solid

Happy learning!